FDA Releases New Consumer Video on Acetaminophen Safety

With the arrival of allergy season, FDA has a released a new video to help educate patients about safe use of medications containing acetaminophen. The video, Taking Acetaminophen Safely, reminds consumers to always check the Drug Facts label on all their medications to help prevent them from accidentally taking too much acetaminophen. The video provides background about acetaminophen and the many different types of medicines that might contain this active ingredient, the danger of taking more than is directed, how to learn if acetaminophen is contained in a product by looking at the Drug Facts label, and how to take it safely. It also encourages consumers to contact their health care provider if they have questions or concerns. The video is part of the agency’s Medicines in My Home educational program.



NABP e-News is a weekly publication prepared by NABP for the state boards of pharmacy.


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